Initial Evaluation & Ongoing Treatment

Initial Evaluation & Ongoing Treatment2018-11-28T15:11:45-05:00

Treatment plans are unique to each individual.

Functional medicine treatment is considerably different from the traditional-medicine model. Your treatment with Dr. Karney can be divided into two phases:

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Ongoing Treatment

The Initial Evaluation has 2 components:

1. At the initial consultation Dr. Karney will review the questionnaires that you have completed detailing your past history and current concerns. Based on this initial assessment she will determine what labs would be helpful. She will make initial recommendations for nutrition, exercise and supplements which will start you on your path towards improved health. This visit will last 90 minutes and should be done in person.

What to bring to the first appointment:

  • Health documents from other providers
  • Recent lab reports from the past year
  • Current supplements you take–bring the BOTTLES for Dr. Karney to review

What to expect at your first appointment:

  • A thorough history, starting at birth, looking for clues to your current health issues
  • A review of your prior treatments and evaluations
  • A review of your current diet and habits
  • A review of your current activity level and exercise recommendations
  • A discussion of what your ideal diet should be
  • A review of your current supplements and medications with possible suggestions of changes

Initial laboratory evaluation is individualized, but may include:

  • Blood tests measuring cholesterol, thyroid function, vitamin levels, autoimmune markers, and markers of hidden infections
  • Advanced stool testing to screen for digestive inadequacies, parasites, fungal overgrowth, bacterial infections, intestinal inflammation, and dysbiosis
  • Breath testing for gastrointestinal bacterial imbalances
  • Urine or serum testing to screen for toxin overload
  • Saliva or serum hormone testing for adrenal and sex hormone status
  • Genetic testing for detoxification and neurotransmitter enzyme functionality

2. Your next visit will be 45-60 days after your initial intake, as some of the labs take 4-6 weeks to return. At this visit Dr. Karney will review the test results with you and further personalize your treatment plan. This visit will last 60 minutes. Dr. Karney prefers this be in person, but telephone or video-conferencing are alternatives.

Ongoing Treatment

Once you are on your way to improved health, visit frequencies are individualized based on your health needs. When you are new in the program with changing needs, every 6-8 weeks is anticipated. At these visits Dr. Karney will review your progress on the treatment plan, along with any follow-up test results, and make additional recommendations as necessary.

As you become more comfortable with the program and your health improves the visit frequencies will be adjusted. Follow-up visits may be done in person, by phone, or via video-conferencing. If you live a distance away from Dr. Karney she will want to see you in her office at least once a year, while you are in the program.