Meet Dr. Yvonne Karney

Meet Dr. Yvonne Karney2018-12-13T14:13:59-05:00

“I believe that we were designed to be healthy. Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made! If we work with our bodies to supply the raw ingredients and remove the bad things that disrupt important processes we might find an amazing capacity to heal.”

M. Yvonne Karney, M.D.

I am a traditionally-trained medical doctor, board certified by The American Board of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. (Hold on GUYS–Functional Medicine is gender neutral…yes I now treat men, IF they come on their own and NOT just to please their wives!) Over time I became alarmingly aware of the limitations of conventional medicine in truly helping my patients.

Conventional medicine compartmentalizes the body thereby missing the intricacies of connections. In short, traditional training in medicine is geared towards prescribing medications or performing surgeries to ease the symptoms of disease. The problem with this approach is that for every pill there is a side effect which results in needing yet another pill… it creates a spiral of ever-increasing medications. But what if there were a way to reverse the disease that’s causing the symptoms.

As I discovered the field of Functional Medicine I was amazed at its simplicity. Provide nutrients, remove toxins and watch amazing things happen! I am a fellow-in- training through The Metabolic Medical Institute, which teaches functional medicine principles. As I learn more about the beauty of the human body and spirit, I continue to be amazed at our capacity to heal.

To my patients I make this promise: I promise to strive to continue to learn, and to share my knowledge in an understandable way. I promise to not do anything knowingly that could cause you harm. I cannot promise that you will achieve your goal of perfect health, but I do promise to walk with you on your journey and continue to look at every available, safe, option to help you achieve your goal.

I see your vibrant health as a 1000-piece puzzle. It takes time to identify the pieces and fit them together. It does not happen overnight. It doesn’t really matter what part of the puzzle we start on. In order to have a beautiful picture–your best health–we have to complete the whole puzzle.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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