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Weight Loss and Mitochondria

“Why can’t I lose weight?”  I frequently hear this question as a physician.  “Eat less and exercise more” is what I used to say… “Weight is a math equation: calories in minus calories out equals net weight gain or weight loss”.  Have you heard that from your physician?  I would like to publicly now say […]

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New Year’s Resolution #1–Detox

It’s that time of year when we think of getting healthy.  Cleaning up our act. Should you clean up from the inside out?  Should you do a detox? The internet and email inboxes are flooded with various detox ideas: “the 10-day detox” “detox with your doctor” “sign up here for this detox”…  This usually includes buying […]

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Processed foods alter gut bacteria

Your microbiome, the bacteria that live in your intestines and elsewhere in your body, serve very important functions.  They help you digest food.  They secrete nutrients that nourish the cells lining your intestines.  They affect which genes in your cells are active and which ones are inactive.  They support a healthy immune system, making you less […]

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