Why Functional Medicine

Because wellness is so much more than the absence of disease.

A partnership between patient and physician is the key to improving health.

Whether your goal is:

  • Elimination of a chronic condition
  • Improving basically good health
  • Preventing diseases that may run in your family
  • Achieving peak performance

Functional Medicine can help you by identifying the individual processes, unique to you, that are at the root of your issues, addressing those processes at a biochemical level, and launching you on a path toward optimal wellness.

How is Functional Medicine different from Conventional Medicine?

  1. Conventional Medicine treats symptoms, but not the root cause. Treating symptoms with medications that have side effects leads to a spiral of ever-increasing medications.
  2. Functional Medicine seeks to identify the root cause of the problems, eliminating them and allowing the body to heal.
  3. Chronic inflammation is at the root of most disease–find and eliminate the cause for inflammation and the disease may go away.
  4. Conventional Medicine is good for trauma and acute infections that need an antibiotic, but not chronic disease.
  5. Functional Medicine incorporates the best diagnostic tools and technologies from Conventional Medicine as well as the emerging tests and tools that help to identify the critical imbalances that are at the root of all illness.

Synonyms for this approach to health:

Functional Medicine – Many providers use this term to describe the systems-based approach to health. The Institute for Functional Medicine is an organization dedicated to promoting this approach by sponsoring conferences and training-modules for providers.

Anti-Aging Medicine – The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine may sound superficial, like Botox injections and chemical peels… but a division of this society focuses on promoting healthy-aging by optimizing wellness using the same principles promoted by the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Metabolic Medicine – The Metabolic Medical Institute teaches providers about wellness, prevention and management of disease with evidence-based metabolic, functional and nutritional approaches.

Personalized Medicine – This approach to health looks at the individual’s unique health response that is a product of his current environment, past experiences and genetic predispositions.

Preventative Medicine – This approach to health is truly preventative medicine, as the goal is optimal health. By identifying root causes of imbalances, family trends toward illness can often be eliminated.